OnePlus is the Readers’ Choice!



A few days ago, OnePlus won the prize of ai??? Smartphones Readersai??i?? Choiceai??? that is awarded byai??SPC Magazineai??i??, the famous IT magazine in the United States, and competitors are big manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and so on.


ai??? Smartphones Readersai??i?? Choice Prizeai??? issued byai??SPC Magazineai??i??is completely chosen by the magazine readers, therefore it canAi??reflect the real opinion of users. The score of each part for OnePlus is above 9.0, and the final comprehensive score is 9.5, which is higher 0.8 points than The No. Two Apple – aAi??substantialAi??advantage to win the prize.

Eugene Kim, the analyst ofai??SPC Magazineai??i??, described OnePlus like this, ai??? Only with $299 (16GB) or $349 (64GB), you can get one OnePlus mobile phone, which is a remarkable high-end handset with a big screen, and its quality and other features are extremely excellent, even better than products of famous manufacturers, including Samsung, LG and othersai??i?? From the high-end processor to the impeccable display, OnePlus is a complete stellar product that is expected by its


OnePlus handsets feature “High-quality, Excellent design”, and the innovative process designs, for example the suspended screen and the personalized rear cover of handsets brighten upAi??this new device to a great extent, moreover its hardware configuration could reach up to the flagship level: 1080p Full HD display, quad-core processor of Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 13MP camera, all these make it gain the stronger users reputation in the international market.

At present, OnePlus is researching and developing its own ROM that is nimble and pure, which is close to the native Android OS. Furthermore, the overseas version Oxygen OS would be officially launched on March, 27.



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