Alibaba agrees to lead a $27M investment in MariaDB, the European company


Alibaba has spent 2017 pushing its cloud computing business and now it is preparing to make its first major investment in a Western startup in the space.

The Chinese e-commerce giant has agreed to lead a ai??i??22.9 million ($27 million) investment in MariaDB, the European company behind one of the webai??i??s most popular open source database servers, according to a source with knowledge of negotiations. The deal has not closed yet, but it is imminent after MariaDBai??i??s shareholders gave their approval this week.

MariaDB, a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system intended to remain free under the GNU GPL, is best known for operating the most popular alternative toAi??MySQL, a database management system. Both are open source products but there is caution from some around MySQL from some because it is owned by Oracle-a huge corporation-courtesy of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Feng yu, a principal engineer within its cloud business, join the startupai??i??s board.


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