CES2015: Hasee Luxury Gold Laptop Comes


At this yearai??i??s CES, Hasee shows a luxury gold laptop with no information released before, according to Driversdown. It is observed that the laptop adopts metal texture for its cover, and thus has authentic metallic sense and enjoys the sight. From the thickness of the whole body, it appears thin and light, and should be used for business.

According to information, so far, Hasee has not disclosed any information on the product. Accordingly, the model, the launching date and configuration are not clear. Some media has speculated that the super laptop runs Intel Broadwell-U processor, and Broadwell-U will be released. Guessed from the features of Hasee laptops, the product should have a FHD display screen, and is possible to have an internal hard disk, and its price should be low among the high configuration products as customary.


Most Hasee laptops are classic black, so far there has been no luxury gold color. At present we can only look forward to the launch of this laptop.


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