Coolest & Latest Technological Products at 2015 CES


At each yearai??i??s CES, various technological products emerge endless. They are intelligent, or fashionable, but all have something to do with creation. American famous technological website CNET counted the first-emerging and most eye-catching new products.

1. Davialet Phantom: French brand Devialet launched an unprecedented oval sounder Phantom,which can be the most beautiful sound equipment all over the world. Deviable integrates its high-end technology into omni-directional wireless sounder. How can you resist the so-called ai???slave subwoofer heartai??? products?


2. Kube: Apart from displaying music, the sounder is also a refrigerator. With a huge volume, Kube can be filled with beers and drinks, and connect cool with music.

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3.Lantronix Zano: the palm-sized unmanned aerial vehicle plane made an unexpected success at Kickstarter. Controlled by smartphones, it can keep off barriers, suspend in the air, and show its accurate location on the smartphone.


4.Misfit Swarovski Shine: cooperating with Swarovski, Midfit brings the fitness tracker named Swarovski Shine. It is composed of big crystal provided by Misfit, and can store solar energy for providing energy for the device.

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5.Razer OSVR: Razer equips its virtual goggles with US$Ai??200 valued open-source developer kits, which can enable you to use it with the compatibility with developer kits and software, and can be also compatible with the virtual software Linux and Android. Although it seems not the best, it could be quite popular one day.

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6.Ring: this is not the Load of the Rings created by the price of darkness Sauron. It seems a little clumsy but can enables you control some functions of smartphones through gestures.

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7.Netatmo Welcome: Netatmo launches a home surveillance camera named Welcome, which can get real-time HD video through iOS, Android and PC/Mac. If you lose someoneai??i??s trace, it can search through the function of facial recognition and send warning to you.

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8.Hearnotes: Hearnotes wireless headset abandons the connection with bluetooth, adopts Kleer-named technology to provide completely wireless services. It is said the technology can equip the bluetooth headset with superior sound quality.

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9.Pacif-i: it seems like an ordinary pacifier, but in fact is an intelligent one, which can measure babyai??i??s temperature so as to make you better know about your babyai??i??s health conditions.

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10.Petcube: it is a must for easing separation anxiety and remote teasing pets. With the cube intelligent web cameras, users can at any time monitor dogs, cats and such pets alone at home and communicate with them. Petcube is very hot at Kickstarter, and is launched in December 2014.

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11.Polaroid Zip: integrating Apple and Android two systems, Polaroid Zip photo printers can realize wireless delivering and printing. The functions are similar to Fujifilm portable photo printer Instax. Besides, Zip uses a special Zink photographic paper, which can print the photos in you phones or tablets directly with the Zink technology of zero-ink.

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