Debut of Worldai??i??s First 3D-Printed 5-Storey Building by Yingchuang Technology, China



How does the house printed by 3D-technology look like? Is the quality guaranteed? On Jan. 18, at Yingchuang New Material (Suzhou) Company, Suzhou branch of Yingchuang Construction Technology (Shanghai) Company, a 3D-printed villa and a 5-storey building made their full debut, which attracted extensive attention from many experts, investment banks and domestic and foreign media.

3D-printed walls are integral without cracks

The walls seem like 2cm concrete. They feel rough, but look integral with no cracks even in the corners. However, seen from the part between the floors and walls, it should be pieced together. ai???The 3D-printed buildings are printed in the factory, and then they are cut and transported here. The floors are cast in place. If the whole building is printed, it will be unable to General manager of Yingchuang New Material (Suzhou) Company Zheng Jian said.

President of Yingchuang Construction Technology Company, Ma Yihe said, for them, there is no technical problem to print a whole building, as long as the construction printers are moved to the site. Now, they are still upgrading technology and they will realize printing whole buildings in three years.Ai??What does the construction ai???inkai??? made from? ai???raw materials are mainly construction wastes, industrial wastes and mine tailings, others are concrete and reinforcement as well as special Apart from the ai???inkai???, they also develop GRG, SRC, FRP, etc.

Construction cost can be saved by 50%. Egypt has ordered 20000 3D-printed houses.

The global briefing of Yingchuang 3D-printed green buildings attracted 300 construction experts, investment bankers and reporters.Ai??Ma Yihe said that, the biggest advantage of 3D-printed buildings is saving materials because it produces no dust and wastes. It is really good news for citizens suffering from smog. Whatai??i??s more, it turns wastes into wealth, and saves construction cost by over 50% with lower cost and in shorter period.

The 3D-printed model villa shown is for Tomson Group. The same villa is sold at 80 million RMB in Shanghai, while the printing cost is just 1 million RMB. They already got 10 orders.Ai??There was also a single-storey model house, which would be transported to Egypt. ai???The Egypt government ordered 20000, and one can be printed in one said by Ma Yihe.Ai??Yingchuang Technology cooperates with China Railway 24th Bureau and a foreign financial group, Ai??will build 3D-printing plants all over the world.

At the briefing, Yingchuang also signed business contracts with China Railway 24th Bureau, Elize Material Technology Company, Huangshan Happy New World, Korean KDC Corporation, Milan Expo KIP pavilion, Winsun Global. And as a company established by Yingchuang Technology and a well known American financial group, Winsun Global will build plants in about 20 countries so as to popularize 3D-printed buildings, especially in Mideast and Africa.

The responsible person of Winsun Global Dino Antzoulis said, on knowing the news that Yingchuang Technology was 3D-printing houses, immediately he flied to China to negotiate on this. He thought, 3D-printed buildings are perfect combination of construction industry and manufacture industry, and will be a miracle in the world, for it can meet the demands of medium and low-income citizens as well as high-end business buildings.

Yingchuangai??i??s Plants of 3D-printed buildings will also be under way in China. Whatai??i??s more, Yingchuang Technology also signed technical contracts with design institutes, construction bureau and universities so as to obtain technical support and introduce advanced design concepts of various experts.

Itai??i??s known that the 5-storey building shown is a result of Yingchuang Technology and China Construction 8th Construction Bureau. The general engineer of China Construction 8th Construction Bureau Ma Rongquan said that, the two 3D-printed buildings fully meet relevant national standards for they are safe and stable. However, they still have no special standards, which needs amendment and improvement.


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