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Name: Pinnacle Studio 11.1.2 Update Windows XP/Vista(x32/x64)
Size: 51.65 MB
System: Windows Vista, WinXP
Catalog: Drivers/Pinnacle-Systems Display and Video Drivers
Updatetime: 2008-2-28 19:53:48
Total: 1348
Pinnacle Studio 11.1.2 Patch Windows XP/Vista(x32/x64).

Studio 11.1.2 Release Update for Studio version 11.0 and Studio 11.1 users:--Pinnacle recommends installing the 11.1.2 Update for the Studio 11.0, Studio 11.0 Plus and Studio 11.0 Ultimate versions.--Note : you can also install the 11.1.2 Release patch if you previously installed a Sudio 11.1 or Studio 11.1.1 patch. Studio 11.1.2 includes all fixes and improvements of Studio 11.1 or 11.1.1.--Studio 11.1.2 is specifically for Pinnacle Video Transfer users who want to edit their H.264 captures in Studio. Without this patch there will be audio sync problems.--If you are not a Pinnacle Video Transfer user and you already installed the Studio 11.1.1 patch, you don\'t need to install Studio 11.1.2

The Studio 11.1.2 update contains many enhancements for the edit performance with AVCHD material as well as offering NEW support for AVCHD Disc output.

An AVCHD Disc is the AVCHD video format burned on standard DVD media which can be played in Blu-ray disc players.

Fixed/Added in 11.1.2:--Support of H264 files captured with Pinnacle Video Transfer

Fixed/Added in 11.1.1:--Crash of Studio plus when closing Scorefitter and Studio quickly during clip preview--On AVCHD discs that are played back in Panasonic cameras, the AVCHD stream is incorrectly displayed as two “scenes?-Hang at specific point in TL playing specific with imported DVD title.--Preview gets stuck on various frames playing specific with imported DVD title.--Added support for 1920x1080 AVCHD Export--Fixed: Missing burner error

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