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Google Maps is one of the best navigating apps that helps the users to get an accurate direction of the place they are headed to. Google has recently exhibited a bunch of new Google Maps features at the Google I/O event today. With the new update, Google is planning on making the Maps more personalized for the users and to be more than just a navigation app.
The major addition that Google has made to the Maps is the “Augmented reality” directions. With the release of AR directions, Google is planning on making walking around the neighbourhood using the map a whole new experience. Following the release of AR direction, a user simply needs to hold their phone up and Google Maps will match the view from their camera to the saved Street View imagery. This is said to help the users to figure out that which path they need to walk on. This will also help a user to discover new places in their locality. However, Google has not mentioned that when the feature will be available for the users, nor did Google share any information that whether the app might have a virtual guide also.
It is also being reported that Google Maps will also use the machine learning and data to automatically match the user with new places and venues around the town. As per Google, the matches will be based on various aspects including the places the user has visited before, user’s reviews, and the places that they have liked, etc.
Google is also embedding the Maps with a new “Group Planning” feature that will allow a user to create short links that can be shared which will make it easier to coordinate plans with friends. Once the information is concluded, a user will be able to make reservations directly from the Google Maps app itself, or can also ask the Google Assistant to do it for them.
Last but not the least, Google has also introduced “For You” tab that will give the users a customized view of the trending places in the areas near them to select or view. The “For You” tab will present a number of options like matching, trending, and newly opened places etc.
The new features for the Google Maps are said to be available for the Android and iOS by the end of this summer. However, there is no information as to when the AR direction feature will be rolled out by the tech giant for its Maps.


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