Google Photos can now identify your pets


Google announced on Monday its Photos service can now recognize pets. Users will be able to see pictures of animals grouped alongside people, and your pet can be labeled and searched for by name.

Users with overflowing photo libraries no longer have to type in words like “cat” or “dog” as the app will aggregate photos of individual pets, instead of returning all photos that have been captured with a cat or dog in them.

Pets can additionally be labelled by name, making it easier for users to pull up relevant photos of their loved ones. Users can also search by breed and animal emoji.

In May this year, Google started creating cat and dog videos from the photos saved in people’s Google Photos library, and the new feature, which is being rolled out in “most countries”, makes it easier for users to do the same. Ai??Users simply tap on the new photo group of their pet, select photos, click on “+”, and create a movie or photo book. There are six “pet-inspired” songs to choose from in the movie editor.

The update rolls out in most countries starting on Monday.


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