HTC unveils a wireless adapter for Vive VR headsets


HTC announced its new Vive Pro headset at a press conference today ahead of this weekai??i??s Consumer Electronics Show. It features integrated speakers and a higher resolution than its current Vive headset. HTC also unveiled its HTC Wireless Adaptor, which will enable users to connect their Vive Pro or Vive headsets to their computers without any cables.

The Vive Pro boasts two OLED screens and a 2880Ai??1600 resolution, a 78 percent increase over the current model. It comes with dual front-facing cameras and dual noise-cancelling microphones. The built-in headphones also have an amplifier built in. The company also says itai??i??s made an effort to ensure the Vive Pro is more comfortable, with an ergonomic strap and decreased front weight.

HTCai??i??s Wireless Adaptor will use Intelai??i??s WiGig technology to turn the Vive and Vive Pro into wireless headsets, which is crucial for making VR a more comfortable experience for users. Many VR companies have set wireless headsets as their goal. Oculus is currently working on its Santa Cruz headset. TPCast has developed a third-party wireless adapter for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

While HTC didnai??i??t note the price for the new Pro, it does sell the Vive Focus standalone headset in China for about $605.Ai??The Vive Pro does not have a release date or price yet, but the Wireless Adaptor will roll out this summer.


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