Huawei Cooperates With Omlet, and Covers All Intelligent Terminal Products


It was reported at CES on the morning of Jan. 8, 2015, Huawei declares cooperation with Omlet, social service software. Consumers can use Huawei smartphones to open their social platform through Omlet and realize one-click share of photos, themes and albums, with no need to log in Facebook, Wechat and such platforms. Furthermore, users can create joint albums with friends and give each other comments and praises.


In addition, a Share-First function is released, which enables another one with a Huawei smartphone to preview photos in the state of lock screen.Ai??At CES, Huawei shows all its intelligent terminal products, including smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, mobile access products, family access products, intelligent household products, OTT, vehicle modules and so on. Huawei consumer BG CEO Yu Chengdong reveals, ai???The sales revenue of Huawei intelligent terminal products in 2014 is more than 11.8 billion US dollars, with year-on-year growth of 30%. Last year the sales volume of HonorAi??phones reaches 20,000,000 and the sales revenue approaches 3 billion US


All the Huawei phones and HonorAi??phones are shown, for example, Huawei flagship model P7 (sapphire version, Arsenal customized version, standard version), Huawei Mate 7 (high-end version, standard version) and the flagship models Honor 6 and Honor 6 plus of Honor brand.


As for intelligent household products, Huawei shows family intelligent center, and makes an integrated platform of family network, media and storage, which includes a series of products of an aerial detector, an infrared controller, a camera, a smart power plug, an infrared remote control lamp, and an intelligent electric fan. In addition to these, there are tablets Huawei T1 and X1, wearable devices smart bands Huawei B1, etc.


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