Huawei : We are Confident to catch up with Apple!



Huawei officially released Mate S with the main function of the pressure-touch.

As you can see, the lowest price of Mate S can break through i??4000, how to prop up the price? Huawei said, Mate S will use the sophisticated technology and the excellent touch technology to present the most perfect product experiences for consumers, and they believed that there will be enough sellers on expected. “Last year, Mate7 was priced at more than i??3000 when it came into the market, while actually the market price has reached up toi??4300, which can proves that the market can recognize the high quality of Huawei’s products.”

He Gang, the president of the mobile phone product line of Huawei’s consumer business, said that Huawei Mate 7 and Huawei P8 have achieved the success in the field of high-end flagship mobile phones, so Huawei have the courage to move into the more high-end mobile phone market. Huawei adhere to choose the best technology and the best suppliers, which is an important factor to support its move on. “For catching up with Apple, although we still have a long way to go, yet as long as adhere to the principle of Huawei, we are confident for this goal.”

As we all know, the success of Huawei Mate7 last year make so many mobile phone manufacturers aim at the Mate7, while a problem for Huawei attendant is: to be imitated. In this regard, He Gang said that, Mate7 was really be imitated a lot. The one said can be said to be recognized by consumers, and he other hand this imitation may affect the current enthusiasm for innovation in the Chinese community. “In this market environment, the only thing for Huawei is to run faster. Of course, we also hope that in the innovative atmosphere for the entire national advocacy, there will be a better intellectual property management system, and respect for innovation and intellectual property rights of others, and also make innovators be motivated. “

In addition to caused colleagues to imitate in the domestic market, in the international market, Huawei has also come to the forefront of the market. He Gang said that China is Huawei’s first home market, therefore Huawei will do the best; meanwhile Huawei is a company than can embrace the world, hoping to become the international brand that is recognized by every consumer around the world. Talking about the experience, He Gang said, “Huawei’s global operating platform can be a strong support, and the product localization and the localized consumer communication have been the shining points of Huawei.”

It is understood that, as early as in 1998, Huawei began to expand overseas markets, then it has been nearly two decades until now. According to data provided by Huawei, Huawei is the world TOP3 cell phone provider at present .

Huawei is the best-selling mobile phones, especially the popular mobile phone Huawei Mate7. He Gang expressed that , Hauwei Mate7 is first product with more than i??3000 of Huawei, and at than time, there was no too much expected, but sales of Mate7 proved the whole. ” Huawei Mate S will follow the forecast to conduct the good products preparation. Huawei Mate S have planned for the production rhythm and marketing in accordance with market expectations of Huawei, of course, this expectation is only expected by us.”

In sales, Huawei is ready. He expressed, Huawei Mate7 had taken a relatively successful channel for the cooperation model previously, and Huawei Mate S can still take such a channel model and take key customers and the use of complex pattern of channels. “Of course, we will take a new channel model and try on different channels operators. In Europe to the main channel, while China will launch the product aiming at the channel operators.”


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