Intela��s Core i7-8086K CPU Now on Sale


In case you missed the Intel Core i7-8068K giveaway, the processor is officially on sale now.

Wea��ve seen the processor available for $425 (A?379, AU$629) on a number of retail sites around the world including Amazon, Newegg, Overclockers and Scan, as well as MWave. That price is about $75 (A?60, AU$130) more than the Intel Core i7-8700Ka��s current retail price of $349 (about A?320, AU$500).

The premium on this chip is down to it being 300MHz faster overall than Intela��s current flagship processor. Ita��s also the first CPU with a factory-set 5GHz Turbo clock, and wea��ve already seen some crazy liquid-nitrogen overclocking that takes the processor well past that.

Of course, this being a limited-edition run you’ll need to act fast to pick up this 40th anniversary special chip a�� current rumors suggest Intel will only produce a total of 50,000 processors to be sold around the world.


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