Is 2015 the Advent of the Rimless Smartphones Age?


2015 CES has came to a close, which is one of the largest global consumer technology products exhibitions, and the main 4G navigation product is still quite eye-catching. While the design concepts of ultrathin, curved-display and rimless are so popular across the industry.


Is it really difficult to make a breakthrough of smartphones design? Absolutely No! This time the market focuses on the idea-rimless technology. Preferences and attitudes of users also determine that the shape of the product is the stepping stone to pry open markets to a certain extent. Thus smartphones with features of ultrathin, extremely ultrathin and narrow rim design have become the key for many manufacturers to compete. AppearanceAi??may be the very critical factor in 2015.

The author observed that the statement was determined by several factors as follows:

Firstly, it needs an icebreaking design idea. Subverting fixed thought patterns may start with the ice-breaking of the shape. Make rimless possible, which is the trend and tendency at the year of 2015.Ai??Secondly, homogenization era calls for new maverick ideas of products. The advantage of rimless design is the ability to add a new dimension to experiences of people.

Thirdly, advances in technology have been beyond a certain point. Those one whoAi??firstAi??breakAi??up theAi??shackle of rims wouldAi??occupy vantage points in the smartphones market.

Then, could rimless smartphones firstly made by domesticAi??phone manufactures in China? It is not impossible. It was said that Xiaomi, Huawei, Nubia and other manufactures have been in the layout of rimless products.



In addition, we can see that no matter Chinese domesticAi??mobile phones, such as Meizu MX5, Huawei Mate8 and Vivo X7, or Samsung S6 and Sony Z4, all of them are beginning to “infinitely close” to rimless phones. After all, who will beAi??the first one to first one to surmount difficulties? Xiaomi, Huawei or Nubia? Nevertheless, what is certain is that “rimless mobile phones” may provide the industry with a new light a new light, along with the enhancement of industry technical strength as well as the revolution of the industrial design trend.


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