Letv: the First Super Car will Debut Next Year!



During Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, Letv showed a series of processes for the automotive business, including released the Internet smart concept vehicle that is manufactured with Beijing Auto and variousAi??cooperation with Aston Martin etc., as well as revealed that they would exhibit the sample car for the first super vehicle that is self-developed and manufactured at the Beijing Auto show next year.

Yesterday Beijing Auto and Letv vehicularAi??networking launch together the first Internet smart concept vehicle. Letai??i??s look at this concept vehicle: at the front its big screen take the place of the dashboard, the center console and other traditional layout, and which could be interconnected with mobile phones, tablet PCs, televisions and other smart terminals through 4G networking, then users can push weather, traffic, news and other information to the car anytimeAi??and anywhere, which can be operated by the voice and touch, moreover control keys on the steering wheel are also designed with touching.

Related personnel in Beijing Auto said that this concept car of BAIC ai??i?? Letv will be redeveloped, rather than simply mounted on existing models, and the mass production is expected within one to two years. Currently the car is still in the stage of durability build.

Last year, Beijing Automotive and Letv have jointly invested the foreign electric vehicles supplier Arieva, but it is worth noting that the concept car is not the Letv Super Car, but just the attempt for one cooperation of Letv vehicularAi??networking company and Beijing Automotive. Letv official said that they will showcase the first sample vehicle of independent research and manufacture of super cars at Beijing Auto Show next year.

Aston Martin also announced that they would officially reached the cooperation with Letv, and their bilateral cooperation include the development of the concept of human-computer interaction, the application in the future Aston Martin models; as well as how to implement information and entertainment services, such as the navigation, music players and onboard Internet applications etc..

April 19, during the Shanghai Auto Show, Letv also announced that the former general manager of GAC GROUP – Geo, deputy general manager of GAC GROUP – Toyota Gao Jingshen officially joined the project of Letv Super Car and served as vice president ofAi??Letv Super Car (China) Co., LTD; April 14, Letv announced that the original production director of FawAi??ai??i??Ai??Volkswagen, Frank Sterzer would join the team o Letv Super Car and be responsible for the related businesses of manufacturing aspects of the super car.


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