Mopria Print Service 2.3 Unleashes New Mobile Printing Capabilities with Share-to-Print from Android Devices


The Mopria Alliance, a global non-profit membership organization chartered to drive industry-wide standards for mobile printing, today released Mopria Print Service 2.3, expanding mobile printing support by allowing users to print using the Share feature from many of their favorite apps.

The Mopria Print Service 2.3 is also compatible with Android 8.0 Oreoai??? whose default printing solution utilizes core Mopria technology allowing printing to more than 100 million Mopria certified printers. The Mopria PrintAi??Service 2.3 is also compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo, whose default printing solution uses core Mopria technology, allowing printing to more than 100 million Mopria-certified printers. The MopriaAi?? Alliance is a global non-profitAi??membership organization chartered to drive industry-wide standards for mobile printing.

Mopria Print Service 2.3 utilizes the Share feature already available in manyAi??popular apps, including Facebook, Flipboard, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. When using the Share feature, users will see a MopriaAi??Print Service option is included as an option after email and messaging options. The Share iconAi??is conspicuously placed and users simply select the Mopria Print Service option, selectAi??their printer, adjust settings, and print.

The new release also supports document-finishing options such as punching, folding, and staplingAi??in many orientations, as well as a new interface, adding the ability for users to quicklyAi??see available printers and determine their status. This provides a convenient startingAi??point for adding or hiding printers, accessing Mopria settings, troubleshooting printingAi??issues, and viewing Mopria-certified printer lists. The new interface includes tutorials thatAi??guide new users through the mobile-printing process and provides tips, adding one ofAi??the most user-requested features to the service.

Since its launch, the Mopria Print Service has enabled printing on Android smartphonesAi??and tablets to Mopria-certified printers. It lets users easily customize color, number ofAi??copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type and orientation, as well asAi??workplace features like user authentication, pin printing and accounting capabilities, allAi??without having to install printer brand specific apps.

In the four years since the establishment of the Mopria Alliance by founders Canon, HP,Ai??Samsung, and Xerox, the nonprofit membership organization has grown to 21 membersAi??representing the worldwide printer business. TheAi??Mopria Alliance today also includes Adobe, Konica Minolta, Qualcomm, Lexmark International, Kyocera,Ai??Toshiba, Brother International, Epson, Fuji Xerox, Microsoft, NEC, Pantum, Ricoh, YSoft, Sharp, Dell. and Primax.

Mopria technology currently has more than 700 million installs and is expected toAi??exceed 1 billion in less than one year. The alliance says that it while continue to make mobile printing easy, it will also expand its focus to standardizing cloud printingAi??and scanning.

The update is available on the Google Playai??? Store for all Android devices.


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