NeuroOn: The Worldai??i??s Most Advanced Sleeping Companion



We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, yet we still know so little about our sleep. Sleep deprivation, insomnia, and irregular working schedules all typify the life in XXI century urban societies. What if there was a way to tack control of your sleep?

The NeuroOn is a sleep mask that monitors your biological feedback to help you sleep better and feel more rested. Made from most comfortable and hygienic materials on the market, the NeuroOn is comfortable no matter your sleeping position and can be washed in any laundry machine. Together with the official iOS and Android application, it creates an entire framework for reclaiming your sleep.


Moving between different time zones causes the organism to lose its natural wake-and-activity rhythm, which in turn leads to fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, and problems with concentration. The NeuroOn uses light therapy to help you adjust to the new time zone better. All you need to do is input the date, origin, and destination of your trip. The NeuroOn application will tell you when you should start a light therapy session using the NeuroOn.


With the help of lights, vibrations, and sound, the NeuroOn is able to wake up the use in the most natural way possible. The intelligent alarm clock first detects that you are in your light sleep stage, and then slowly wakes you up by imitating the setting of dawn, Simply set that time you have to wake up and the NeuroOn will do the rest.


Feeling tired seven hours after waking up is a natural reaction of your organism. There is no better way to take naps during the day than with the NeuroOn. Allow the NeuroOn to create your own sleeping environment, no matter if you are at home, in the office, or on the plane.


The NeuroOn gives you a personalized sleep score to help you track how well you sleep. Based on similar professional medical sleep quality indices, it assesses the overall health of your sleep.

It is said that the NeuroOn will be released in the third quarter of 2015.


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