OnePlus will reduce data collection


Many OnePlus owners were more than a little upset when they found out that the company is collecting gobs of user data from its phones without asking, including personally identifiable info. It’s no surprise,Ai??after receiving many complaints from users, OnePlus has revealed it’ll reduce its data collection practices across its devices. The company is now going to ask people to opt-in to its collection program by the end of this month and some forms of collection will cease.

Carl Pei, the companyai??i??s co-founder,Ai??has told customers that his firm will both limit the data it collects from OxygenOS phones and make it clear what you’re sending OnePlus’ way. Devices will stop sending phone numbers, WiFi info and network MAC addresses. And by the end of October, every OxygenOS device will have a prompt that asks you if you want to join the user experience program, with a setup process and terms of service that explain just what you’re sharing.

He also notes that the company never sent this information to any third parties, which is good. But opting out of the ai???user experience programai???Ai??doesnai??i??t appear to stop telemetry data from being sent – it just means ai???your usage analytics will not be tied to your device may prefer to know that their data is not being collected at all, but for now that option appears to be limited to the same command-line tools as it was before.


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