Recommend: 2015 Hot Smart TVs With High Configuration


The main characteristic of CTV products is smart, 4K and so on in 2014. Of cause the richAi??functionality must rely onAi??powerfulAi??hardwareAi??configuration. Popularity of smart TVs can help people to meet more personalized content demands for ordinaryAi??consumers. IntelligenceAi??isAi??one ofAi??theAi??main streamAi??trendAi??in development of TV products.

No.1i?sSkyworth 49G8200

This Internet TV is the latest product of Ai??Geek LED and it is configured original 4K resolution and faceplate with four colors of LG, speedy 14-core processer. The operating system of Coocaa provides users with intelligent interactive experiences. Users can download Apps via the App Store. Reference price is 7599RMB.


No.2Ai??CHiQ 50Q1N

The new smart TV has multi-screen interactionalAi?? function with 50 inches and 4K. User can completely control the TV by mobile phones and Pad. The LOGO is designed with Ai??softAi??lines directly, and operating instructions are shown directly by LOGO CHIQ. It features function of watching online video and provides users with convenient and fast operation, meanwhile users can download Apps via the App Store. Reference price is 5876RMB.




TCL cooperate with Mango TV deeply to launch the 4K smart TV. Users can get massive genuine video resources of Mango TV, and the television can also play videos, pictures and other content. Fire-new MANGO UI can play the latest movies, and TV contents. The resolution gets to ultra HD level. X-TV GPU has played a significant role in the anti-tailing for dynamic pictures of the television. Family cloud features support on intelligent terminals to Ai??transfer the screen and PHS with this television. Reference price is 5876RMB.


No.4Ai??Samsung UA48HU5920

Ai??Samsung UA48HU5920 Ai??has 4K ultra HD resolution and supports on intelligent operation of Samsung Smart Hub. And this television is with fine picture quality and excellent smart operations, color contrast, sharpness and color gamut. Users can download games or surf online by the television. A variety of control methods make your life of living room more smarter and convenient. Reference price is 4999RMB.


No.5 Ai??Haier U50H7030

This is Internet TV, with which users can watch videos, browse the web and play games. It hasAi?? narrow frame with crystal of 5.6mm and hollow base, whichAi?? can brings the bestAi?? visual experiences. The picture quality is 4K ultra HD. The TV powered by speedy 14-core processer. Object manipulation is specially designed for young people who Keen to thumb operation. This TV owns all the free video resources. Reference price is 3999RMB.



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