Snapchat’s Lens Studio helps create your own AR effects


Snap today announced Lens Studio.

Lens Studio is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows with guides and tools to help mould your augmented reality creations.

Eitan Pilipski, who leads Snapai??i??s camera platform teamAi??said,Ai??ai???Weai??i??re really excited to take this tool, and make it as simple as possible for any creator out there to have a presence on

Designers can make their own ‘World Lenses’ – objects that live ‘in the world’ through the rear-facing Snapchat camera.

These can range from simple 2D drawings to complex 3D moving scenes.

Advertisers will also be able to work with agencies to create both facial and World Lenses.

Once your Lens is complete, you’ll be given a special Snapcode that you can share anywhere, which anyone can scan to unlock your Lens.

Those codes only last for 24 hours, unfortunately. However, you can share codes again if you like, and recipients can share them with others and spread the word.

In a blog post about the launch, a spokesman for Snap said: ‘With the launch of Lens Studio, we’re excited to make Lenses more accessible to creators, and experiences within Snapchat more personal and diverse.

‘Whether you’re just starting to dabble in 2D animation or are a professional artist interested in creating your own experiences, Lens Studio makes sharing your creation with the world fast and fun.

‘We’ve seen how much more fun Geofilters have become since first inviting the community to create their own three years ago ai??i??and can’t wait to see what you build with Lens Studio.’

Every day, roughly 70 million Snapchatters use Lenses, augmented reality experiences that live inside the Snapchat camera.


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