The Gallery of Google Modular Smartphone Prototype


More details of Google Modular smartphone were released at Wednesday conference at Mauntain View, CA, headquart of Google. The phone was named Project Ara and the second generation of the prototype is called Spiral 2, with 11 modules. Technical director Paul Eremenko revealed some technical details about Spiral 2, two processor module can be selected, one is from Rockwell and another is based on Nvidia K1. Screen resolution will be 1280X720, the phone also has 3G mode. The biggest challenge for this smartphone is battery life, more space will be for battery on Spiral 3, 4G LTE and 20-30 modules will be available on Spiral 3. Letai??i??s have a look at the amazing picture of Projects Ara.

DSC_6237.0 DSC_6249.0 DSC_6261.0 DSC_6277.0 DSC_6283.0 DSCF2062.0 DSCF2065-2.0 DSCF2067.0 DSCF2072.0 DSCF2074-2.0 DSCF2079.0 DSCF2084-2.0 DSCF2095.0 DSCF2102-2.0


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