The most awesome gifts for the holiday wish list


The holidays are upon us, which means toys areAi??popping up everywhere.

Parents want to surprise kids with the coolest toys. That often means waiting outside in the cold to nab something before it sells out.

The good news is there are many innovative options to choose from this year — and many double as teaching tools.

From a DIY Star Wars Droid to a new Hatchimals toy and interactive Fingerlings, these products are worthy of a spot on holiday wish lists.

Letai??i??s meet theAi??FingerlingsAi??and some experts believe they could become the most sought after gift this holiday season.

These adorable interactive baby monkeys are selling out fast.Ai??A family of tiny monkeys, andAi??the occasional unicorn and sloth, that latch onto your finger and respond to voice, movement and touch by blinking, babbling and blowing kisses. The animatronic toys, which sell for $14.99 apiece, are already sold out online at Walmart,Ai??Target and Toys R Us.

Tap their heads, andAi??theyai??i??llAi??burp. Hang them upside down, and theyai??i??ll laugh hysterically. The critters ai??i?? which are about the size of fingerling potatoes ai??i?? also coo when cuddled, and doze off when rocked. And if you run out of ways to keep them entertained, the toy company WowWee also sells pint-size jungle gyms and playground sets for $25 to $40.

ai???Fingerlings,ai??? said brand manager Sydney Wiseman, ai???are like having an interactive friend at your

Another animal thatai??i??s being marketed as a friend:Ai??FurReal Roarinai??i?? Tyler, a plush tiger that blinks, roars and wags its tail. Tyler, which costs $129.99, comes with his own squeaky chicken toy and is among Amazonai??i??s best-selling toys.


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