U.S. Media: Rise of Chinese Tech Brands Becomes a Biggest Surprise at CES



International CES 2015 has been completed recently. In spite of all, as said by an article of Forbes magazine website on January 11, the rise of Chinese brands is indeed the biggest surprise of CES.Ai??At this international CES, the display cases of Chinese brands take up nearly a quarter of the show, and the goods almost covers all fields, from laptops to tablets, from intelligent projectors to HD TVs, attracting thousands of eyes.

With its Any Pen technology, Lenovo Yoga tablet Windows version tops the CES 2015 Best Product List released by PC Magazine. In the meantime, the intelligent projectors of ZET is also on the list.Ai??For a long time, Chinese brands had been thought the duplicator of American, Japanese and European technological industries, other than a creator. Well, the outstanding performance this time sufficiently proves the strength of Chinese technology, which is a giant leap for Chinese brands.

As the worldai??i??s second largest economy, Chinese technological brands are shaking the dominant position of America, Japan and South Korea in consumer electronics field. Nevertheless, Chinese brands have not ranked the global lists like the worldai??i??s most valuable brand list of Forbes, the list of best global brands of Global Brands Group, and the worldai??i??s most innovative companies list of Forbes, etc.Ai??Many Chinese enterprises are listed for a short time, and thus has a weak sense of presence in American consumer market. Accordingly, they can not meet the requirements of the above lists. However, if Chinese brands can keep the same growth momentum as at this yearai??i??s CES, it is just a matter of time before they are listed.


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