Uber will still operate in Quebec–for now


Uber has backed down from its threat to leave the Canadian province of Quebec over new rules it felt were too restrictive.

The ride-sharing company, based in San Francisco, was due to halt its operations in the province on Saturday.

“With the recent appointment of Minister AndrAi?? Fortin at the Ministry of Transport, we recognize that there is an opportunity to establish a constructive dialogue aimed at finding a lasting solution for riders and drivers in Quebec,” said by Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Uber’s General Manager in Quebec.

The company was concerned about regulations that will require drivers to undergo police background checks.

Uber drivers will also need to complete 35 hours of training, up from 20, before being allowed to pick up passengers.

Those rules came out in September, almost a year after the provincial government agreed to let Uber operate in Quebec on a trial basis.

New provincial transport minister Andre Fortin said on Friday that current Uber drivers will now have up to two years to get police background checks, as opposed to going through a criminal check with a private company.

Drivers who sign on after 15 October will need to complete the check within eight weeks.

All Uber drivers will still need to complete the extended training course, placing them on par with taxi drivers in Quebec.


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